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If I had only mat the myy, I would be new agreeing. Treat all sites with respect and I don't see why there should be any payment or have for any particular "folk". You don't folk what the finnish are 'cause you are not design to break up with the lady. Having relationships with the dishes celebrity in any job is hip. Owned by a god and wife and a third dating. To be on your sit and mistakes were life and fine.

During the date express your worries in a humorous way. Since you already keep in touch with her, it shouldn't be too awkward to bring up this dilemma. Use her to test the water with her parents. If they express disapproval to her, then you wil have to weigh the consequences of going forward or backing away. Or, if you feel comfortable enough with her already, bring it up as part Im dating my bosss daughter asking her out. I've actually been in this situation, except it was the sister Online dating icebreaker one of my managers. The above is basically what I did and everything worked out fine my work situation, not the relationship.

On preview, like josh said. That's the part you have to decide about. If you didn't know Dating advice parents, would vague thoughts of possible marriage be on your mind, or do you generally have a 'hook up, have fun' kinda attitude toward relationships at this stage? If you're taking this seriously, I say definitely go for it. It may not work out, but that's alright; all intentions were good, etc. But, if the mention of that level of commitment is making you think, whoa, whoa, folks, I just said a date, let's not get carried away As long as you're not a dick later on, you've can have a clear conscience if you break up.

My sister is quite in demand among my dad's subordinates, and she knows how to manipulate him rather well. Chances are, if she wants to go out with you or thinks it'll be possible, she'll say yes -- and then SHE'LL handle things on her parents end. Keep the consequences in mind, though. How do you do in relationships when you're nervous? She's an adult and so are you, and you and she can discuss how to deal with her parents and ground rules and all the rest of it if and when the time comes. Life is more important than work, but you should be prepared to keep the two as separate as you can, even if you and she date.

If you're marriage-minded, on the other hand, go for it. Let me preempt the question you're going to be posting here in about 6 months time - you shouldn't have done it in the first place But be prepared to be on your best behaviour. If you screw this one up you're royally screwing yourself. The only other thing I can say is that it'll be a pain to have her parents so involved right from the start. You'll be on a marriage track from day 1. That's not always best. In this day and age in western cultures the parents mostly hang back. These folks will be right in your face signing your paychecks, eyeing you to make sure you're treating their daughter well.

You damn well better return her phone calls, remember her birthday, tend to her orgasms, etc or you'll be pissing off not only your gf but your boss. I can imagine you getting into such a relationship, and 6 months in feeling completely ensconced by the sense of family, being welcomed into the fold but these kind folks and their luscious daughter - it could be really sweet. But on the other hand if you ever foul it up you'll be kissing your entire life goodbye, not just your relationship. Think about it carefully. They seem to trust you. Are you up to it? Are you worth it? I say go for it but recognize that what you're going for is the brass ring, the whole enchilada, there'll be no in-and-out with this one.

The way your question is framed on the homepage I wonder if you recognize that. Typical mids ; posted by scarabic at 7: If she wants to play you, she can make your life a living hell. Do you trust her? If they're cool, they'll be cool. If they are secretly weird, you are about to find that out. Unless they are totally square, I can't imagine the fallout from things not working out with their daughter to interfere too much with work. The big risk here is crossing over from professional relationship to a quasi-familial one. And I'd quadruple-condom if I were you. Ease in to the relationship. Quit your job, then ask her out. If it works out, the parents will hire you back, since you obviously weren't using the daughter to advance your career.

If it doesn't work out, you wouldn't want to be working there anymore anyway. Do what you would normally do if she were not related to anyone you know. If things don't work out, either deal with it or leave. Is the job so great that you have to ask this question? Unless the parents come from a culture of arranged marriage, this seems overly paranoid to me. In the other direction -- quitting your job with the idea of instantly getting it back does sound romantic, and also, really dumb.

I sure wouldn't want an employee given to such crazy gestures. What's the worst Speed dating cz stochowa can happen? You date her for a while, you do something stupid and break her heart, her parents blame you and don't want you around any more, and you get another job. Otherwise go for it. Im dating my bosss daughter may or may not be "the one", but it'd be a shame to pass up a chance like this. Let us know how it goes! It attaches way too much importance to the date, which would be really awkward if the initial attraction doesn't play out.

It's really difficult to find a job you like where you have a fantastic relationship with your employers, so obviously one doesn't want to jeopardize that. But it's also really difficult to find that one wonderful person who could be the love of your life, so it seems kind of crazy to just let that possibility slip away, unexplored. But ultimately, if you decide to pursue the girl, you will be left with no choice but to trust to the fairness and objectivity of her and her parents in the event that things take a bad turn between you. You won't really be able to control that by extracting agreements or setting guidelines beforehand, so it's Im dating my bosss daughter a risk.

Don't forget the parents, but they can find out sometime after the first date -- I agree with others above in that the daughter will know what's best in that regard. And what's wrong with a fling anyway? That may be her desire as well. Casual is often the norm. It's for the 2 individuals to decide. They can become the subject of another AskMe Q, if needed. I don't think it's paranoid to suggest that parents may think in somewhat more long-term terms than something kids. In my 20's, I would absolutely have been in the "whoa, whoa" category myself. The thought of marriage used to give me hives, and I never worried about I wanted out of a relationship beyond "are we enjoying this?

But my mother still asks me about various people I did not marry, and now that I'm in my early 30s, I actually understand the attitude she had, which was generally a concern with whether the relationship was 'going anywhere. Sure, it depends on the particular parents, but I would bet that a good portion of married people over a certain age actually will be thinking of marriage pretty early on. I mean, at this stage in my life, it occurs to me pretty much right away to distinguish between "potential mate" and "just for fun" I'm not saying the categorization is definite to my mind or anything, but just pointing out that it honestly does not seem weird anymore for the question to occur to meand I'm only 31 and not even sure if I want to get married!

These parents are at least in their mids and have been happily married for somewhere around half their life, so they may very well think it's pretty central to their daughter's life. Tolerable jobs are easier to find than great relationships. As long as the parents are cool and you're not a dick things should be fine no matter how the relationship ends up. If you do eventually break up with her just have a talk with the parents, explain it didn't work out and you hope there is no hard feelings, etc. If they fire you or make your job a living hell then find a new job and perhaps seek legal action, but all that's jumping too far ahead.

One thing nobody has mentioned, when you're dating your boss's daughter you should be prepared for your coworkers to automatically see favoritism around the office. Even if there is none, they'll say there is. How would that make him and the company look? You are quite a lot older than your GF yet you act very young. Im sure her father is A: Wants his daughter to find a BF who is respectful, looks up to him as a manager and treats his daughter with dignity and maturity. Having relationships with the bosses daughter in any job is foolish.

My Boss Daughter (Jason McCann )

You need to tread carefully. You could end up in a situation datinb every crap job that needs doing gets your name on it or dafing name gets straight to the top daugnter the list when redundancies come. Im dating my bosss daughter also will want a glowing reference should you leave of your own accord. Your chances of datung are now zero. You need to either change jobs and stay with this girl or split up and apologies to your boss. I have had relationships with co-workers and its ended badly. Everyone knows your business and you are forced to be professional and stay in contact with them when it goes wrong. If its your bosses daughter then you really are asking for trouble!

Inevitably, at 20, she is unlikely to stay with you in the long term. If the relationship comes to an end badly then your going to be in a very difficult situation with your manager. You cant undo what's done, just try to move on from this as you need to look at the bigger picture.

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